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AI BIM Cameras for Construction Sites

The Smartest AI BIM Cameras

AI BIM Cameras record every second of your construction project and unify fixed-position cameras, 4D models, drones & other reality capture data in one central location.

Time Lapse

Create stunning time-lapse videos of your construction project.


Experience real-time views of your construction site from anywhere.

One Click Share

Easily share live or recorded footage by simply entering an email address. Our system ensures 100% security.


Capture high-resolution images to document the progress of your construction site, providing a comprehensive record from the initial green field stage to the final handover.

Progress Photos

An ideal method to send regular, scheduled reminders about all key events and project milestones.

Compare Timeline

Compare before and after images from any point in time and embed these visual aids on your website or promotional material.


AI BIM Camera's digital zoom captures every detail of your project with up to 18X magnification beyond the basic zoom level.


Utilize the X-Ray tool to scan images for comparing completed work with the current project status. For example, examine the interior of a building before the facade installation.

Edit Tool

Using our image editor, you can annotate, highlight, or add text to specific locations on an image. Effortlessly download and share the modified image with your team members.

Gate Report

The Gate Report efficiently identifies all vehicles entering and exiting your site, offering both an in-app and PDF report for your convenience.


Our BIM integration feature seamlessly overlays your BIM model with real-time, high-resolution project images.


Leverage drone mapping for 3D site reconstruction, smooth model switching, and informed decision-making. Verify site conditions by comparing them with the original plan.

Tell us about your project. Connect with our staff.

Integrate your BIM Model with the Actual Building.

Our AI Cameras seamlessly integrates with your existing construction management software, including Procore, Autodesk BIM 360, PowerBI, Zutec, and SharePoint.

Enhance your project's visibility with BIM & AI Based BIM Cameras.

Integrating a BIM model with our software allows your entire project team to interact and collaborate like never before. Our platform is designed to improve team collaboration by removing barriers to digital tools and providing greater data access to those who need it.

Why Add BIM?

Compare the as-built project with the BIM model at any point in time to track progress and quality.

Showcase your project to shareholders, ensure it is on schedule, save costs and resources, increase efficiency, and enhance communication and coordination.

BIM Compare

Identify project milestones, use the timeline to track progress, and switch between layers of your BIM model.


Collaborate with multiple teams by adding unlimited users to your camera or sharing a time-lapse image or video. This ensures everyone has a clear update on the project's status at any given time.

Site Visits
or Win Disputes
BIM CAM Monitoring

Capture Your Site and Communicate Faster

Capture high-resolution 360º visuals of your job sites and instantly share them with teams, stakeholders, and project managers. Our integrated platform allows multiple users to tag, edit, measure, and access real-time visual data, enhancing reporting and decision-making for increased productivity.


Drone View Site Reconstruction

If you have your own drone, simply share your site captures with us. Our platform makes it easy to securely inspect and monitor your construction progress. To ensure a seamless experience, we offer comprehensive services, including on-site mapping coordination with our experts and uploading files into the platform.


View and Manage Your Project Remotely

Walk through your construction site from anywhere and monitor your project with precision and detail. The AI BIM Camera 360º enables managers to conduct remote inspections from all angles, both interior and exterior. Zoom in to identify and address issues, changes, or details without the need for extensive meetings, travel, or additional costs.

BIM CAM Gate Monitoring

Construction Gate Monitoring

Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras detect and record over 10 different vehicle types, automating entry and exit to streamline gate traffic flow and prevent delays. Additionally, by enforcing vehicle restrictions and controlling access to hazardous or restricted areas on the construction site, ANPR cameras significantly enhance jobsite safety for all personnel.

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AI BIM Cams Record Every Second of Your Project

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