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BIMQP Services

Geographic Information System

Harnessing the potential of the untapped geographic information market to facilitate informed decision-making through spatial data collection, mapping, and analysis.

Overview Of Our GIS Services.

3D Laser Scanning and surveying Services

GIS Consulting

We are here to help you identify and analyse your business requirements, recommend solutions, assist you in implementing those solutions, and consult you to make informed decisions.

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Geo Processing & Geo Coding

The geospatial data is of no use if it’s not processed properly. To gain from the location intelligence of this unprocessed data, geoprocessing and geocoding are done. To take this off your shoulders, we will cover automated and manual geoprocessing using geocoding technologies.

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Application Design & Development

Application design and development as well. We will help you in delivering high-quality, business application solutions that are scalable, robust, revolutionary, and easy to understand and maintain.

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GIS Survey

The success of your business project will be determined by a lot of factors including the accuracy of data that are being used by it. GIS-based survey is important and brings all the assets in a single platform.

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Data Collection & Processing

Geographic data collection and its intelligent processing are crucial to using GIS to the benefit of your business. We at YCSPL will help you in simplifying the way you capture that data and convert it from physical maps and integrations with GPS satellites, field computers, LiDAR, and remote sensors.

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Aerial Inspection & Surveying

We at BIMQP provide extensive aerial imaging and mapping services for the purpose of inspection and surveying a parcel of land. Navigating complex urban, as well as rural area projects, become much easier and faster with drones bearing high-resolution cameras, video cameras, and thermal imaging cameras.

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A wide variety of photogrammetric services such as aerial photogrammetry and digital photogrammetric services

LiDAR Data Processing

Data acquisition, point cloud classification, DTM, DEM and DSM generation, contour generation, ortho generation,

UAV Image Processing

Asset & plant inspections, engineering & construction, mining & resources, thermographic imaging, surveying services

Topographical Mapping

Disaster management, engineering and architectural purposes, route planning, telecom and transport services

Cutting-Edge Expertise in Remote Sensing with our GIS Services


/ Spatial Data Management

Manages spatial data, contains geographical information like maps, satellite images and other location inclusive data


/ Data Analysis and Visualization

Creates Visualizations like maps and charts to help decision-makers understand complex spatial information more effectively


/ Support for Decision-making

Provides significant spatial insights in the fields of management of resources, environmental monitoring and urban planning


/ Infrastructure Planning

Optimizing placement of facilities, evaluating environmental impacts and planning for future growth and development

Actionable GIS Analytics to empower your Operations

Our exemplary GIS services provide timely information to managers and analysts. We convert data from paper maps to computer files that automates the process using appropriate scanning technologies.

Our services

Our GIS Service Deliverables

Web Mapping Services (WMS)

WMS allows clients to request maps from a server and receive static map images, which can be used for display purposes in web applications. Services can include custom map design, layer management, and map rendering.

Web Feature Services (WFS)

WFS enables clients to request and retrieve geospatial data in vector format (e.g., points, lines, polygons) from a server. Services can include data sharing, data extraction, and geospatial query capabilities.

Web Coverage Services (WCS)

WCS provides access to geospatial data in raster format (e.g., satellite images, elevation data) from a server. Services can include data retrieval, subsetting, and format conversion.

Web Processing Services (WPS)

WPS allows clients to execute geospatial processing tasks on remote servers. Services can include custom geoprocessing workflows, spatial analysis, and data transformation.

Geospatial Metadata Services (CSW)

CSW provides access to geospatial metadata catalogs, allowing users to discover and retrieve information about available datasets and services. Services can include metadata creation, validation, and cataloging.

Georeferencing Services

These services involve georeferencing non-spatial data (e.g., scanned maps, historical documents) to enable spatial analysis and integration into GIS systems. Services can include digitization, rectification, and coordinate transformation.

Geospatial Data Transformation and Integration

Services that focus on data transformation, harmonization, and integration to ensure compatibility and interoperability between different geospatial datasets and formats.

Geospatial Analysis and Modeling

Providing customized geospatial analysis and modeling solutions based on OpenGIS standards for various applications, such as environmental modeling, transportation planning, and urban simulation.

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