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Drafting Services

In architecture and engineering construction, precision is pivotal. BIMQP values accurate 2D drafting for idea realization, collaboration, and execution.

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    Drafting Services

    Drafting Services

    Experience the future of 2D drafting with BIMQP's unique value propositions. Beyond industry standards, we infuse creativity and efficiency into every project, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to as-built stage. Choose BIMQP for a strategic partnership that delivers precision, innovation, and unparalleled value in CAD drafting services.

    BIMQP's 2D Drafting Services redefine precision with a comprehensive suite of 2D drafting services, covering architectural, structural, MEP submission drawings, shop drawings and as-built drawings. Our commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart, offering clients transformative solutions in a competitive landscape.

    2D Archi/Structural/MEP Drawings

    Crafting the blueprint of architectural visions, BIMQP's 2D architectural drafting services meticulously transform designs into intricate, detailed drawings—uniting architects, engineers, and stakeholders in shared project vision. Meanwhile, our 2D MEP drawings unveil the vital infrastructure, showcasing precise details crucial for seamless system installation and operation in any built environment.

    2D Submission Drawings

    Streamlining the intricate process of regulatory approvals, our customized 2D submission drawings cater to the specific requirements of authorities. This meticulous approach ensures that projects secure the necessary approvals promptly, navigating the regulatory landscape with efficiency and precision.

    2D As Built Drawings

    Precision in documenting changes and modifications during construction is crucial for future maintenance and renovations. Our 2D as-built drawings meticulously capture the final state of a project, providing an accurate representation of any alterations made from the original plans for comprehensive documentation and reference.

    2D Shop Drawings

    In the realm of precise fabrication and installation, the significance of shop drawings cannot be overstated. Our 2D shop drawings offer intricate details of components, elements, and materials. This detailed documentation empowers contractors and manufacturers to execute projects with the utmost accuracy and efficiency, ensuring seamless implementation.

    Conversion Services

    Adapting to the dynamic digital era, our conversion services facilitate the transformation of legacy paper drawings into digital formats. This process ensures the preservation of historical data, making it readily accessible for future reference. Embrace the efficiency of digital documentation to unlock the full potential of your project records.

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    BIMQP's drafting services are versatile, catering to architectural and engineering projects of varying scales. Whether it's residential, commercial, or infrastructure projects, our expertise ensures accurate 2D drafts.

    We employ a rigorous quality assurance process. Our team, armed with industry expertise, conducts meticulous reviews to guarantee accuracy, even in the most intricate architectural and engineering details.

    Our 2D drafting ensures precise communication and collaboration. Detailed drafts facilitate seamless coordination among stakeholders, reducing errors and ensuring flawless execution.

    4 Reasons for You to work with Us

    Discover expertise and visionary solutions with us. Partner with industry pioneers to elevate your projects through groundbreaking innovation.

    With over two decades of leadership experience, we excel in spearheading and implementing BIM solutions. Our extensive portfolio encompasses diverse, high-value projects totaling billions, showcasing our unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence.

    We provide comprehensive solutions, eliminating the need for fragmented services. Our one-stop approach not only streamlines costs but also ensures clients have everything they need, making BIMQP the definitive destination for unparalleled BIM services.

    With a foundation rooted in government and corporate experience, we excel in large-scale deployment on a national level. Our extensive knowledge and widespread adoption set us apart for impactful solutions.

    We leverage a diverse range of software and technologies tailored to your project's unique requirements, following a project-centric approach for optimal outcomes.

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